Live-In Nannies

Finding a live-in nanny takes planning and preparation. Currently, the process takes about 9-12 months. Many families prefer this option as it provides flexibility. Live-in nannies take the stress off of working parents as she is there at all times. They can get the children ready in the morning, walk them to and from school or take them to programs and play dates, be there once they get home from school and supervise them until the parents get home. If your work schedule is unpredictable, you work shifts or travel for work, a live-in nanny is a great choice. If you live outside of the city limits, in the suburbs or a rural area a live-in nanny is definitely your best option.

You must ensure that your home is well suited for a live-in nanny. By law, live-in nannies require a private, furnished bedroom with a lock, safety bolt, and a window. Her room doesn’t have to be huge, but it should be a comfortable space as this is where she will spend the bulk of her off hours. A private bathroom is nice but not a requirement nor is a separate kitchen or separate entrance.

Live-in nannies typically stay with a family for 2-3 years although many stay longer. They often become an integral part of your family and remain in touch long after they have left to pursue other opportunities.

Live Out Nannies

Live out nannies are best for families that live in the city and are not in need of flexible hours. Many live out nannies were formally live-in. After receiving their permanent residence status, many choose to live on their own and work for families as live out nannies. Live out nannies work a regular workday and then return to their own homes and families.

In addition to childcare, both live-in and live out nannies can do housework and meal preparation, time permitting. Childcare is often the priority, but other household chores can be done when the children are at school, programs or taking a nap. This is an added bonus as parents can come home after a long day and spend quality time with their families without having to worry about getting the laundry done, cleaning the dishes, vacuuming or making dinner.

Dearest Tova and Michelle, Thank you so much for giving this family to me. They are all nice, Nicole and the 3 children. Thank you for giving my dream come true. My journey/new chapter of my life starts when I stepped in this country. I am sure my life has lots of changes and I am looking forward to continue working with all of you. I will keep in touch. And Thank you so much and God bless.

Hannah M., Milton

Family Matters was fabulous in helping us find our amazing nanny.  They knew exactly what we needed.  Thanks for all your hard work!

Susan P., Markham

Hi Tova, I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that we are so happy with Arlene.  You really did a great job in finding her.  It was really important us that you interviewed her personally in Hong Kong.  We were really nervous about hiring a nanny but your experience and process put us at ease.  A million thanks.  

Terry O. , Richmond Hill

Our experience with Tova and Michele at Family Matters has been super.  They provided excellent support for us during the nanny sponsorship process.  We have recommended them to many friends who also have nothing but great things to say.  Worth every penny! 

Danielle A., Toronto

Tova, thank you for navigating us through the hiring of Marita.  The experience of working with you and Michele was delightful.  You really made it easy for us even though there were all sorts of government changes going on.  You are a great group of ladies.

Kritina L., Etobicoke

Thank you Tova for the wonderful job you did helping us find our nanny.  She has already become part of our family.  Our kids love her and she has made out life so much easier.  We have already referred some of our friends to you and will continue to do so.

Jenn B., Oakville

To Ma’am Tova and Ma’am Michele, Sincerely from my heart, I want to convey to both of you my cordial gratitude for all the good things you have done.  How lucky I am that I chose your agency to come to Canada.  Now I have a good future.  I am now a Permanent Resident.  I thanks God the service that you perform.  I’ll be proud to recommend your agency “Family Matters” to all my friends that still in Hong Kong those whosoever wants to come in here.  God bless and again…thank you so much.

Jane G., Toronto

Hi Michele! First of all, i just would like to thank you for everything….Family Matters is the most dependable agency as far as i know of, they never give baloney’s!!! Especially Michele, she really helped me to find a very nice family to work with here in Toronto. It’s been a year I’ve been working here.  Compared to Hong Kong, there’s really an extreme difference.  You really helped me change my lifestyle.  Thank you so much.

Joyce D., Toronto

Michele & Tova have done a top notch job in helping us to find a nanny for our twin boys. The service they give is very personal and they held our hands from start to finish. We would recommend them to anybody who is looking to hire a nanny.

Judi G., Toronto

We picked up Maria from the airport last night.  She is wonderful!  We will make her feel at home as much as we possibly can.  Thank you! 

Shirley L., Waterloo

Thank you, Family Matters, for your expertise and patience in helping us find a caregiver for my mother in law.  Therese is a gem and we couldn’t live without her! 

Sandrine M. , Oakville

Thank you Tova & Michele for finding Marlene for us.  She has been an invaluable part of our family.  We couldn’t have done this process with out you.  Thank you for being so patient with us and answering our many many questions!  We knew nothing about this when we called you but you took your time explaining and educating us. 

Rob B., Burlington

Hi Michelle & Tova, I wanted to send you a very big thank you letter for all that you done for me.  You were very supportive throughout the entire process and this was important to me.  When coming from a foreign country to a place that I have never  been you were a big help. I am lucky that I was able to meet you and I would recommend you and your staff anytime for the future.  I now have a good life and my family is taken care of at home thanks to you.

Richelle Y., Thornhill

Family Matters Agency brought a lot of changes in my life.  Without them I am not where I am right now.  Due to their help, in finding sponsors for me to come to Canada I was able to do a lot of things.  I was able to help my family financially generously because of the salary I earned compare to where I was before.  Family Matters is proven and tested already as a one of the best agency for care-givers here in Canada and Hong Kong.  I salute for the job well done Family Matters.  Thank you, thank you!

Arlene B., Mississauga

Family Matters is by far the most reliable agency.  I have used other agencies over the years but was never satisfied.  Their professionalism and the care that they give their clients is wonderful.  We are so happy with our nanny and hope she stays with us for many years. 

Jess C., Toronto

I would highly recommend Family Matters. Tova Rich along with Michele runs a fantastic business with superb customer service and customer care. We really appreciate it. I am someone who upholds high expectations and have been impressed throughout the whole process. Thanks again.

Lindsay L., Toronto

The fact that there are lots of illegal recruitment agencies, victimizing innocent people of dreaming of having a better life here in Canada, FAMILY MATTERS is the only agency I know I could rely on.  It has given me its all-out-support from the moment I filed my application to the time I got hired by a wonderful family who doesn’t only respect me but also loves and treats me like a real family member.  Thanks to FAMILY MATTERS.  You did a great job and keep helping people achieve their dreams.  I salute you, FAMILY MATTERS, you’re the best.

Cherrybel V., Thornhill

When it came time to hire a nanny we hired Family Matters.  The entire process was professional, smooth and humanized.  We hired a caregiver that was wonderful in every way.  We consider her a member of our family.  I completely endorse Family Matters and recommend them to friends and family. 

Bev T., Toronto

Hiring a nanny was a new process for us and Michele of Family Matters helped us through this new process.  It went so smoothly.  She continues to advise us when we have questions.  If it weren’t for the caring and professional services of Family Matters, hiring a nanny would have been a completely different experience, one similar to the negative stories I often hear about from other moms.  I will continue to use Family Matters and refer them to my friends. 

Ana P., Toronto