Find a Nanny


Decided to get a nanny?  Great! You have definitely come to the right place.  We can help you figure out what type of nanny you need – live in or live out.

Live In

nanny-pic-1Live in nannies are typically part of the In-Home Caregiver Program.  Experienced nannies are sponsored by Canadian families to come to Canada from abroad to work in their home caring for their children on a full-time basis.  Finding a live-in nanny takes planning and preparation. Currently, the process is taking 6-7 months.  Many families prefer this option as it provides the increasing need of flexibility.   Live in nannies take the stress off of working parents as she is there at all times.  A live-in nanny can get the children ready in the morning, walk them to and from school or take them to programs and play dates, be there once they get home from school and supervise them until the parents get home.   If your work schedule is unpredictable, you work shifts or travel for work, a live-in nanny is a great choice.  If you live outside of the city limits, in the suburbs or a rural area a live-in nanny is definitely your best option.

Employers must ensure that their home is well suited for a live-in nanny.  Live in nannies require a private, furnished bedroom with a lock, safety bolt, and a window.  Her room doesn’t have to be huge but it should be a comfortable space as this is where she will spend the bulk of her off hours.  A private bathroom is nice but not a requirement nor is a separate kitchen or separate entrance.

Live in nannies typically stay with a family for 2-3 years although many stay longer.  They often become an integral part of your family and remain in touch long after they have left to pursue other opportunities.

Live Out

Live out nannies are best for families that live in the city and are not in need of flexible hours.  Once a live-in nanny has finished her time on the In-Home Caregiver Program she can apply to be a permanent resident.  Many nannies choose to live out at this point and most live in the city where public transportation is accessible and they are near to shopping areas, their church and their friends & family.  Once a nanny becomes a permanent resident she can bring her family to Canada.  Live out nannies work a regular work day and then go home to their own families.

In addition to childcare, both live in and live out nannies can do housework and meal preparation, time permitting.  Childcare is often the priority but other household chores can be done when the children are at school, programs or taking a nap.  This is an added bonus as parents can come home after a long day and spend quality time with their families without having to worry about getting the laundry done, cleaning the dishes, vacuuming or making dinner.