What should I get my nanny for Christmas?



Every year around this time I get phone calls and emails asking the same question – what should I give my nanny for Christmas?  Should I give them a gift or a cash bonus?  Here are some of my top suggestions:


  • Cash bonus – the amount will depend on your budget and how long your nanny has been with you.  The most common amount is one week of pay.  If your nanny has recently started (within the past 6 months) you may want to lower it to $50 or $100.
  • Gift card – to the mall or to a specific store that you know she likes.
  • Visa gift card-this works just like cash and she can use it anywhere.
  • A trip home- if you can spare the time that she takes off and you have a lot of air miles you can make your nanny very happy by sending her home to spend time with her family…at a low cost to you!
  • A gift certificate for a massage, manicure, pedicure or facial.  Every woman likes to be pampered every now and then!
  • Warm winter clothes – this is a great gift for the nanny that has recently arrived.  Sweaters, gloves/hat/scarf set, warm coat, winter boots, cozy slippers or a bathrobe will get a lot of use.


If you are going to give her a cash bonus you may want to give it to her early in the month in case she wants to send it home to her family.