What are the requirements for live in nannies and caregivers?

Live In nannies and elder caregivers come to Canada on the Foreign Live In Caregiver Program.  This is a federal program that allows immigrants to work and live in Canada on a work permit.  The Live In Caregiver Program is a 24 month program.  Once the caregiver has completed 24 months she can then apply for Permanent Resident status.

In order to qualify for the Foreign Live In Caregiver Program candidates must have at least 1 year of relevant childcare or elderly experience or have completed a 6 month Caregiver course.  They also must have the equivalent of a grade 12 diploma in Canada.  In the Philippines this is 2 years of post secondary education.  Finally they must have a clean bill of health and no criminal record.

Family Matters has very high standards when it comes to choosing which candidates will be considered for our clients.  We look for candidates that we would be willing to hire to work in our own homes and take care of our own children.

To me this doesn’t necessarily translate into finding a nanny with the most amount of experience.  We look for candidates that possess good moral values, an excellent work ethic, candidates that are flexible, honest, have good common sense, a great attitude, good communication skills, patience, loving personalities and have an eagerness to learn.  We look for candidates that want to be part of their employer’s family and are team players.  Cleaning, cooking and following your family’s schedule can all be taught.  A person’s values, work ethic, positive attitude and integrity however cannot.