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What are the steps to finding a good live in nanny or elder caregiver?

These days the only way to get a live in nanny is to sponsor one from abroad.  Family Matters is one of the only Canadian agencies that personally interviews all of our nannies face to face.  We are a licensed employment agency in Hong Kong and are therefore legally allowed to travel there throughout the year to screen and interview potential candidates.  This makes a huge difference between our agency and “the other guys”.

When it comes right down to it we are basically matchmakers.  Our job is to match a family with a nanny or caregiver that can meet the needs of the family.  We first need to find out what your needs are.  How many children do you have?  What are their ages? Where do you live?  Do both parents work? What duties do you need your nanny to perform (housekeeping, cooking, pet care, taking the kids to school, programs or appointments etc)?  And so on.  Once we have a good idea of what you are looking for in a nanny we email you profiles of candidates that we feel would be suitable for your position.

We base our criteria on so many things – experience, education background, English skills, work ethic, common sense and personality just to name a few.  It is then up to you to decide who you would like to interview.  Most of our interviews are done via Skype but you can have a phone interview if you prefer.  After you finish your interviews if you would like to make a job offer to a candidate we speak to the candidate and make sure that she is interested in the job.

It is imperative that both parties are on board and feel like it will be a long term fit.   Once the nanny agrees to your job offer we start the paperwork processing.  The timelines change depending on how busy Service Canada and the Canadian Embassy in Hong Kong are.  The current timeline is about 8 months so it’s important to plan ahead!