How Much Do You Pay Your Nanny?

Salary is an important issue to consider as what you can reasonably expect from your nanny may be determined to a large extent by a fair and reasonable salary. A competent knowledgeable nanny with self-esteem will not work long below what her market salary should be.

There is a well-defined marketplace and each skill a nanny brings to the table has a value. These skills are experience, fluency, literacy, driving, awareness of child-development issues and education. The more of these you need and want the higher her salary must be. Currently, the market rates are as follows: For a live-out non-driving nanny: $600-$700 NET per week.  For a live out driving nanny: $700-$800 NET per week

  • For a live-in nanny: The minimum wage in Ontario is $14.00 per hour.  Please be aware that you can not deduct room & board from your nanny’s salary.  You are also not allowed to charge them rent.
  • Part-time nannies $15-$20 NET per hour. (Note: part-time nannies cost more per hour than full-time nannies).
  • Live-in elderly caregivers: $15.72/hour is the current prevailing wage in Ontario.

Full-time nannies are entitled to 2 weeks paid vacation per year or 4% of their gross salary per year.  They are also entitled to all statutory holidays.  They are as follows:

  • New Year’s Day – January 1
  • Family Day – Third Monday in February
  • Good Friday – Friday before Easter Sunday
  • Easter Monday * this is for Government employees only (not nannies & caregivers)
  • Victoria Day – Monday before May 25
  • Canada Day – July 1
  • Civic Holiday – First Monday in August **not an official stat holiday
  • Labour Day – First Monday in September
  • Thanksgiving – Second Monday in October
  • Christmas Day – December 25
  • Boxing Day – December 26