Find a Caregiver

Many people these days are looking for an alternative to institutionalized care for a senior or disabled person.   Having your loved one in a hospital, nursing home or group home can be very stressful for the whole family.  The level of care and attention is often not great and being in that kind of environment can be very unsettling.  An option that has been growing in popularity is for the patient to stay at home and to hire a caregiver.  Most people prefer to stay in their own home as opposed to selling their home and most of their possessions to move into a nursing home.  The unfamiliarity of it can be uncomfortable, frightening for some and quite costly.

Some people are looking for someone to come in during the day to assist with meals, grocery shopping, housekeeping, and to accompany them on outings whereas others need day and night care.  In either case caregivers will see to it that your loved one is taking their medications when needed, they can cook according to their dietary needs, do housekeeping and laundry, assist them with their daily needs and be great companions.  Caregivers often become close with family members and become an important part of that family.  It is a great comfort knowing that there is a loving and responsible person caring for your aging parent or other family member.

To learn more about finding an elderly caregiver or companion contact our elderly specialist Kevin Rich via email or at (416) 633-0017 ext 3. He can find out more about your needs and explain your options to you.