About Us

Every family essentially wants their nanny to be someone with whom they feel their children will be safe and who is concerned and loving.

Assuring these goals are being met is a challenge for every parent. At Family Matters Caregivers Inc. we pride ourselves in finding the most suitable candidates for each position we are asked to fill.

Family Matters Caregivers Inc. is a placement agency located in the Greater Toronto area. Its founder, Tova Rich, takes great pride in knowing she has placed well over 2,000 nannies with loving families who over the years continually call her, either to refer business or just to say”hi” and bring her up to date about themselves.  Family Matters places live in nannies, live in caregivers for the elderly or disabled and live out nannies.

What We Do

Family Matters Caregivers Inc. places nannies, caregivers and housekeepers on a permanent basis. These placements are full time and can be live-in, or live out.  For live-in nannies, employers are encouraged to hire from abroad.  The local market for live in nannies no longer exists as it once did.  If you want quality and choice you are best off sponsoring one of our fabulous candidates.  These candidates come from Hong Kong where they are currently working as domestics.

We strongly believe that interviewing the nannies in person by Canadian mothers is essential.  We do not present candidates to our employers that we haven’t met ourselves. We do not do “mail order nannies”.  Our employers insist on better screening, as do we. In order to sponsor from abroad you need to plan ahead.  We recommend starting the process 8-9 months before you need your caregiver to start.

Family Matters Caregivers (HK) Ltd. is the only Canadian employment agency licensed to operate in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Labour Board (licence #54474). Whatever your individual family needs, we can offer highly qualified, experienced, and nurturing child and elder care providers with whom you will feel comfortable leaving your loved ones. We work hard to find responsible, well-adjusted caregivers with exceptional child care or elderly experience.

Who We Are

Family Matters Nanny Agency founder Tova Rich and Michelle GoldenbergTova Rich founded Family Matters Caregivers Inc. in February 2003 after working in the industry for over two years. Tova felt there was a need for a nanny agency with a personal touch, a place parents could call and feel like they were talking to a person who could relate to their needs and not just an order taker looking to make a commission. After working and building her business for the first year, she was joined by Michele Goldenberg who has the same drive as Tova has to match good candidates with good families.

Tova felt there was a real gap in the industry. Most agencies provide candidates for sponsorship without ever meeting them. This concept was unacceptable to Tova and she felt that if she was going to present live in nanny candidates to her clients for sponsorship, she would have to meet with them face to face. Family Matters Caregivers (HK) Ltd. was born in 2006 and it a licensed employment agency by the Hong Kong Labor Board. Tova and Michele travel to Hong Kong several times per year to personally interview candidates wishing to come to Canada and work for a Family Matters Caregivers Inc. family.